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Semester Period Deadline of Nomination Deadline of Application
Fall Semester (August-December) February 28th February 28th
Spring Semester (February-June) August 31st August 31st

Fees Detail

No Program Period Fees Description Fees
1 Dual Degree Program 12 months Study Permit and Calling VISA, KITAS + MERP, Operational Fees $407
Takaful Insurance $240
Community Service / KKN* Rp160.000,-

* the Community Service / KKN fee is paid after you arrived in Yogyakarta

Registration Procedures

1. Introduction

Dual Degree Program is one year program for students from partner university to get degree from UGM. The students must be firstly nominated by their home university. For the semester I (August-January), the deadline of nomination is March 15 and application is March 31; as for Semester II (February-June), the deadline for nomination is August 15 and application is August 31. Students who participate in dual degree program will receive academic transcript and bachelor certificate.

The required documents are such as below:

  • Curriculum vitae (resume, personal data)
  • Admission form, Guarantor Financial Support, Personal Statement (available on the online application)
  • Student exchange form (available on the online application form)
  • Copies of academic record and diplomas
  • Nomination letter from applicant's school/institution or recommendation from home university
  • Recommendation letter from the Indonesia Embassy/Consulate General (if any)
  • Passport size photographs
  • A copy of valid passport
  • Statement of good health from applicant's doctor (available on the online application)
  • Copy of TOEFL ITP min 550 / IELTS min 6.0

2. Online Application

Students having been nominated by partner universities will be given a user-name and password to log in to our online application website. For further information about online registration procedure, please click here

3. Letter of Offer (LO)

Upon receiving your application documents, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) FEB UGM will submit your application to the desk in order to obtain the Letter of Offer from the University (UGM). You will receive the LO that require youto perform non-refundable service fee payment.

4. Payment

Once you agree and complete the payment, OIA FEB UGM will request you to email the copy of the transfer receipt. Once the service fee is confirmed by the bank, OIA UGM will proceed the documents for a Letter of Acceptance (LoA).

5. Letter of Acceptance (LoA)

Once the service fee is confirmed by the bank, OIA UGM will issue the Letter of Acceptance. OIA FEB will distribute the LoA and other information related to the course offered, academics regulation and student buddies through email to you.

6. Study Permit & Visa Authorization

OIA UGM proceed the application and documents to the Directorate of Higher Education of Indonesia to receive a study permit. Then, your application will be proceeded further for visa authorization/approval. This process usually takes at least three to four months to arrange both study permit & visa authorization. The immigration office in Jakarta will telex the visa authorization to the requested Indonesian embassy for applying VITAS (Limited Stay Visa). You must inform OIA FEB which of Indonesian Embasy you prefer to your visa authorization to be telex. You will receive your study permit and visa authorization through email. Once you get the visa authorization, you can apply for the visa at the respective Indonesia Embassy.

Course Offered

Document File : Accounting (download), Economics (download) and Management (download).

Student Arrival

  1. Arrival in Yogyakarta: Ensure that you arrive at least seven days before the semester starts. There will be an orientation day for International Students within those days. You may need sometime to adapt to your surrounding before the lecture start.
  2. Report to University: Upon your arrival in Yogyakarta, your student buddy will assist you to report to Office of International Affairs at the university to apply for KITAS and to Office of International Affairs at FEB UGM.For the residence permit documents, please follow the instruction below:
    • Filling out forms to get KITAS (Residence Permit).
    • Submitting photograph with red background size 4cmx6cm (5 pcs) and 3cmx4cm(5 pcs).
    • Submitting your passport and white landing card.
  3. You will receive text message or email regarding your KITAS arrangement. You will be scheduled to have a finger printing and photo taking at Yogyakarta immigration office. During KITAS arrangement, you are not allowed to leave the country.
  4. Once the process is finished, you will receive email of Electronic Limited Stay Permit and you may get your passport back at Office International Affairs Universitas Gadjah Mada (OIA UGM).

Applying for VITAS

  1. Prepared your Form & Documents: With this VITAS approval and Study permit, you can apply for the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS/Visa Ijin Tinggal Terbatas) at the Indonesian Embassy/General Consulate which you have informed us. We strongly recommend you to only leave for Indonesia using the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS/Visa Tinggal Terbatas). It is not recommended to use another visa such as Social Cultural VisitVisa (VKSB). As it is valid only for 60 days. It should be extended every month during your stay. The maximum extension is four times. If you wish to stay longer than your study period, you have to apply for a new visa. We do not recommend you to apply for VKSB as it will cost you more time & money to perform monthly extension. It may as well distract your focus of study.
  2. Fill out the Application form & complete the required documents: You can download the forms from the website of Indonesian Embassy in your country of residence.
  3. Submit all documents to Embassy: After you complete all the documents and fill out the forms you can submit them to Indonesian Embassy.
  4. VITAS: once your VITAS application is granted, the Indonesian Embassy will issue VITAS and stick it in your passport. You may collect your passport back and arrange your departure to Indonesia.

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