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There are several accommodations near campus, including dormitories provided by Universitas Gadjah Mada and kost (local boarding house). The dormitories, called UGM Residence, are divided for male and female students. There are eight (8) units that can be reached within 5-10 minutes walking and can accommodate around 2000 students in total. All dormitories use a sharing room system so one room will be occupied by two students, local or international students.


Male Students

Female Students

Dharmaputra Baciro

This residence consists of four units: Borobudur, Prambanan, Mendut and Boko. It also has indoor sport facilities that also functions as a multipurpose hall.

Dharmaputra Karanggayam

This residence consists of four units: Pinus, Akasia, Cemara and Cendana.

Dharmaputra Santren

This residence can accommodate 368 students and there are four floors.

Ratnaningsih Kinanti 1

This residence is the latest residence that was built for female students. It is also located in front of Ratnaningsih Kinanti 2&3. Consists of seven floors, it has 580 rooms in total.

Ratnaningsih Kinanti 2 & 3

Operating since 2015, this residence consists of two blocks. Like Ratnaningsih Kinanti 1, it is also located 850 m away from UGM.

Ratnaningsih Sendowo

Operating since 2018, Ratnaningsih Sendowo is located near the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing

Ratnaningsih Sagan

This residence has a capacity of 30 rooms which can hold a capacity of 89 students.

Ratnaningsih Bulaksumur

This residence is the only UGM residence which is located inside the UGM campus area, near sport center facilities, food court and campus bicycle stations.


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