Student Testimonials
(Dual Degree)

Anette Geraldine | Management 2019 | Erasmus School of Economics, Netherlands

My time at Erasmus School of Economics was a truly remarkable experience. I cherished the wonderful opportunity to learn with students from all around the world, engaging on projects that broadened my horizons while being taught by eminent economists. It is worth noting that Erasmus University Rotterdam, as one of the most prominent economics schools, has instilled in its students strong academic standards. Nevertheless, I consider these challenges as an essential component of the transforming experience it provides, and don't worry, you'll meet remarkable colleagues along the way who will encourage one another!

Diyah Ayu Nugraheni | Accounting 2019 | Saxion University of Applied Science, Netherlands

In general, I had a very positive experience during the international exposure; the lecturers were attentive and kind, the friends helpful and the environment very supportive and looking back I was very lucky to have had that experience. Beyond the academic advantage, doing a double degree enabled me to become more independent as I had to do a lot of things on my own. Career-wise, it provided me with a stepping stone as it helped me network with people from various backgrounds and cultures. If you have the chance to do an international exposure, I definitely recommend the double degree program!


Veronika Xaveria | Management 2016 | University of Melbourne, Australia

From my double degree program, I learn valuable lesson of always taking “the road less traveled”. What this means is, I know if I took the easy path where people would take, I would somehow feel safer and did not have to go all through the arduous journey. However, I knew that this difficult road would lead to me to beautiful destinations and as such I challenged myself to take a lot of activities during my time there such as being part of the student club named Enactus Melbourne, taking part-time and internships at Ecare Careers, OutBeyond, and Study Melbourne Live Projects, while joining numerous case competitions like Australia ASEAN Youth Summit Case Competition, FMAA National Management Consulting Case Competition, FMAA Asset Management Case Competition, and Young Global Business Leaders to name a few. I also participated in the FBE Career Mentoring Program, attended networking events, and had a job shadowing program.

Ariqoh Visi Anindya | Accounting 2016 | TBS Education, France

Having studied in TBS, I met so many types of people, and different kinds of lecturers. I learnt that each person and each culture has a different kind of personality and style. Therefore through this experience I get to know why and how to adapt to each culture because these differences could raise misunderstanding if we do not try to understand each culture. In regards to future careers, TBS also pushes its students to have mandatory internships so that students could experience the real work environment. I fully recommend this program to those who are willing to take the Double Degree program, this experience might become one of your best moments in life. This gives you the opportunity to learn to adapt and learn in an international environment.

Vidyanissa Rahmani Putri | Accounting 2019 | Erasmus School of Economics, Netherlands

This past one year of studying in Rotterdam has been such a pleasant and great way to conclude my academic journey at FEB UGM. Not only did I learn so much from the lecturers and fellow students, but I also experienced being immersed in the diverse culture that Rotterdam offered, being independent and living away from home for a year, and experiencing so many new things like learning how to bike and traveling around Europe. The courses at FEB UGM have also prepared me for the rigorous courses that I took at Erasmus, especially the classes I took in the Financial Accounting major. Taking this major, you will be exposed to real–life cases and this will challenge your analytical and critical thinking skills. The classes may be harder than the ones at UGM and more hours were put into studying to pass an exam, but in my opinion, the process itself was very rewarding.

Nadya Amaranggana | Accounting 2019 | Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

During my 1-year study in the Netherlands, I have gained many experiences from adulting and living far away from home, adapting to a different culture and learning process, knowing people from different backgrounds, and of course get to explore many countries in Europe. Because of that I believe international exposure will be beneficial for students as we get the opportunity to work with people that have different cultures, ways of work, way of thinking, etc. which are unlike what we have experienced in our country. Aside from academic and professional matters, I learned to be more independent, punctual, responsible, and improve my time management.

Rayga Anorapta Yurian | Management 2019 | University of Groningenm Netherlands

I find this double degree program to be very important in order for me to fully develop the skills that I could not previously maximize. A lot of new things happen besides academic matters, for example, you could experience working with people from different countries and know the basic traits of each country (although they are from the same continent, it turns out they have a lot of different traits). Being apart from my family and friends forced me to expand my relationship with a lot of new people from a lot of countries which could also increase my networking skills which are very important for my future career. Therefore I would like to recommend this double degree program to my juniors so that they could experience the same or even experience a lot more than me.


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