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Frequently Asked Question

There are some accommodations provided by the students, further information can be accessed through

FEB UGM has 3 study programs for undergraduate which are Accounting, Business/Management, and Economics.

  1. The students usually spend 1-2 semesters studying at FEB UGM for the exchange program.
  2. For the dual degree program, the students are required to study at FEB UGM for 1 year (2 semesters).

If you are from FEB UGM’s partner universities, you don’t need to pay for the tuition fee at FEB UGM. So, you just need to pay it at your home university. However, you need to make sure with the coordinator from your home university whether the number of quota is still available. If you are applying outside the quota number, then you will need to pay the tuition fee. This also applies if you are not from FEB UGM’s partner university (free-mover).

The students who take an exchange program at FEB UGM can take the courses from all the study programs at FEB UGM. For example, if you are enrolled in the Management study program, you are allowed to take the courses from the Economics and Accounting study program. The detail information regarding the courses can be accessed in our website

Exchange and Dual Degree students can take 15-18 credits (Satuan Kredit Semester/SKS*) for a semester. 

*Satuan Kredit Semester/SKS: Indonesian credit system


Yes, you are. Community service is mandatory for every UGM student. It is one of the requirements to graduate from UGM.

Period 1 : March – April

Period 2 : June – August

Period 3 : October – November 

Period 4 : December – February



SKS (Satuan Kredit Semester) is an Indonesian credit system. In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) Number 3 of 2020 concerning National Higher Education Standards, a course that worths of 1 credit means that the course is given every week in one semester with learning process activities for one session (50 minutes) lecture in the class, 60 minutes of structured assignments (from the lecturer), and 60 minutes of independent activities. One semester consists of 16 weeks of lectures which are divided into 14 face-to-face classes, 1 Mid Semester Examination (UTS), and 1 Semester Final Examination (UAS).

If you are from UGM’s Partner University, please ask your home university coordinator to nominate you and then we will reach you out directly through the email. If you are not from UGM’s Partner University, please visit and register yourself through that website. 

You must submit all the correct documents required in the application system 6 months before the semester starts. OIA UGM will proceed with the student visa using the documents you submitted. 


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