Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

Credit transfers can be granted for students who participated in the outbound mobility through the evaluation and consideration from academics and Head of Study Program by following the conversion guideline. Credits taken in the host university (both for Dual Degree and Exchange program) will be listed and acknowledged in the academic transcript according to FEB UGM’s rules. 

To process a credit transfer, a learning agreement is needed. Before starting the outbound mobility program, students must propose a learning agreement containing courses they want to take during the program to the Head of Study Program. Once the learning agreement is approved and signed, it can be submitted for the credit transfer process.

Required Documents

  1. Learning agreement signed by the Head of Study Program
  2. Official transcript
  3. Syllabus of the chosen courses
  4. Thesis manuscript (only for dual degree program)
  5. Testimony
  6. Credit transfer statement letter (for students who would like to transfer only several courses)

The template and guideline can be downloaded here.

Credit Conversion Guideline

UMAP Credit Transfer System (UCTS) is used as the guideline for converting credits. This guideline was designed by UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) members, where Universitas Gadjah Mada is also a member. With 45 hours of student workload, the credit conversion in each country or region is as follows:

Country/Region Credit System SKS*
Asia 1 Credit 1 SKS
USA 1 Credit 1 SKS
European (ECTS) 1 ECTS 0.67
UK (CATS) 1 CATS 0.33
Australia 1 Point 0.4

*Note : for converting credit in the form of decimals, rounding is carried out with the condition if  ≥ 0.50, for example a conversion to 3.67 credits, 4 credits are recognized, but if the conversion to 3.45 credits is recognized 3 credits.

Credit Converter

The following feature is provided to simulate the credit conversion to SKS in each country or region and used only as reference.

Conversion Result :


For further information about credit transfer’s guideline and procedure, please refer here


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