Dual Degree for
Outgoing Students


FEB UGM students participating in dual degree programs will receive S.E. (Sarjana Ekonomi) from UGM and B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) or B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) from partner universities. Students are required to complete at least 126 credits (6 semesters) for a 1-year dual degree program and complete at least 84-96 credits (4 semesters) for a 2-years dual degree program at the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) FEB UGM.

Included in the credits that must be completed is a Community Service (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) required to obtain a bachelor’s degree from UGM. The purpose of Community Service is to enable students to value community outside classrooms and contribute to the community by sharing knowledge and experience gained at the university.

FEB UGM students taking dual degree programs are also required to write a bachelor’s thesis and take a comprehensive exam for their bachelor’s degree in Sarjana Ekonomi (S.E.) from UGM. In addition, some partner universities usually require FEB UGM students to take internships. The period ranges from 100 working days to six months and can be done at the host or home university.


Active IUP FEB Students

4 or 6 Semesters

- Complete 4 semesters (84-96 credits) of study (for 1-year program).
- Complete 6 semesters (126 credits) of study (for 2-year program)

Min 3.25

TOEFL min. 550 / IELTS 6.5

Important Notes

  1. The tuition fee payment depends on the agreement set by FEB UGM and its partner universities. Students are required to pay tuition fee to host university as well as a administration fee of Rp 5.000.000 per semester to home university (UGM). Alternatively, students are only required to pay a tuition fee of Rp 35.000.000 per semester to UGM for selected partner universities.
  2. A registration fee of Rp 1.500.000 needs to be paid upon registration. Once the registration data is received, the GREAT Office of FEB UGM will send the billing code.
  3. The dual degree admission process should be completed before the partner university’s enrollment period is ended, or the students will join a dual degree program in the corresponding admission term of the partner university.
  4. Students must complete the Community Service (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) and comprehensive exam after completing the courses at the host university.
  5. If, in certain circumstances, students fail in his/her dual degree program at a partner university, they have to return to FEB UGM and take the remaining courses at FEB UGM. Thus, the students will only earn a Sarjana Ekonomi (S.E.) degree from FEB UGM. Subjects taken at partner university will be transferred to FEB UGM with a minimum grade requirement equivalent to C.

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